About Us

Nick Davis - Alt World Web PrincipleAlt World Web is part of the Alt World Studios design studio. It is run by Nick Davis, a Digital Marketing Architect, with over 20 years of experience with practical graphic and web design experience. Nick specializes in UX functionality, digital brand authority, SEO, PPC, email and content marketing for B2B and B2C applications.

We are a boutique website service, providing you what you need to get your message to the next level and we are WordPress specialists, with experience in other CMS packages, Site Executive, SiteCore, Drupal and Deconetwork applications.

Specialties –

  • Digital Content Marketing – optimized SEO, brand authority building content, lead building, PPC, email campaigns, digital marketing and paid media. Experienced with CRM packages such as Constant Contact, Hubspot and Salesforce.
  • Web Design – specializing in usability and SEO optimized content for B2B, Government, eCommerce, Marketing and Small Business. I am a WordPress Specialist and CMS Developer, with working knowledge of Site Executive, SiteCore, Drupal and Deconetwork.
  • Graphic Design – fully versed in apparel/print/packaging/magazine design & branding – experienced in the use of Adobe CS Design packages, QuarkXpress, Coreldraw and MS Office.
  • Content Writer – advertorial, commercial, marketing, governmental and opinion-editorial copy, specializing in optimized engaging content for web viewing and build brand authority.

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